Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Great Panty Hose Debate

Stop the presses, everyone.  I have been struggling with something today.  Something of dire importance.  And I need your help.

I have on my hands what some people like to call a "fashion emergency."  Or a "potential wardrobe malfunction." Or a "panty hose predicament."  (I made that last one up myself). 

Here's the thing.  As mentioned in my last post, I'm going to prom on Saturday.  And I forgot that I need to wear shoes (there's always something...)

Now, granted, I could go to DSW and buy some new shoes.  They even sent me a nice little $5 off coupon the other day for my birthday.  But two things I am lacking in this week are both (i) time; and (ii) money in excess of a $5 coupon, which does not fare well for a mid-week shoe shopping spree.

So I want to make do with something I already have in my closet.  And, lo and behold, what did I find in there this evening?  These gorgeous black sparklies, that's what. 

Ooh, I love a good sparkly.  

Now, you may have noticed that these heels would be classified as being in the sandal family.  And you may have noticed in the "about me" section of my blog that I live in the midwest.  Which is covered in snow at the moment.  And is very, very, very cold. 

So, against all better judgment and the limited fashion sense I have, I'm considering wearing...brace yourselves...sheer hose.  With open toed shoes.

Oh no, she didn't!

(Well, I might do it).

Ugh ugh ugh.  I've been googling this all night without getting anywhere.  The internet camps regarding the open toe shoe hosiery debate are firmly divided....which I have summarized thusly:

Anti-Hose:  NEVER wear hose with open-toed shoes.  EVER.

Pro-Hose:  It's not the "reinforced toe" kind!  It's the "sandal" kind!  Why would they make a "sandal hose" if you weren't supposed to wear it with sandals?

Anti-Hose:  No way, no how.

Pro-Hose:  But it's coooooooold in the midwest!!

Anti-Hose:  Tough.

Pro-Hose:  But I'll tuck the tiny seam under my toes so you can't even tell!

Anti-Hose:  Forget it.

Pro-Hose:  Everybody else will be doing it.

Anti-Hose:  You are an embarassment to open toed shoes everywhere.

You see my dilemma?

I want to wear the sparkly shoes.  At the same time, I do not want my toes to turn purple and fall off mid-prom.  I think that would be a mood-killer, don't you?  But I don't know if I have it in me to commit a fashion faux pas of this magnitude.

So I see my choices as follows: 

(a)  Wear the sparklies with a sheer hose, tuck the seam, and pray that there are no anti-hose protesters at the prom

(b)  Wear the sparklies without hose, and accept the risks of frostbite and hypothermia

(c)  Suck it up and go to DSW and buy a pair of closed toe shoes.  Or maybe peep toe?  Can you wear hose with peep toe shoes?

(d)  Spend some more time googling the issue whilst eating Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark.  Dang, that stuff is good.

Feel free to share your advice in the comments.  :-)


mrs. buckster said...

oh, love, i wish i had some good advice for you, but that is one department that i COMPLETELY suck in. style. but i'm a midwest girl too, and i cannot imagine being barefoot with all this ridiculous snow! so, the hose have my vote!

MyFaithandJoy said...

As far as style goes, I'm clueless, but I will add one more factor to the mix: Will you slip out of your sandals if wearing panty hose? I know I do, and I'd hate for you to end up shoeless at your prom! Although it would evoke some classic Cinderella images...

MamaOtwins+1 said...

HA - I had the same problem last saturday night. It was frickin cold and my shoes were open toe. Well I wore the hose, because really no one paid attention to the nude hose that made my legs look better anyway - and I was a smiggen warmer.

Kim said...

living in Lincoln my first thought when I saw those shoes was "wow, she's going to be cold!"

My second was "I always forget about shoes too!"

I always go for comfort over fashion- but hose have never been in the "comfort" category for me.

In the great words of Westly, "As yooooooou wiiiiish!" (forget the protesters!)

Catherine said...

I have no idea if they are comfortable or not, but for a wedding I was in last year (I went stockingless), one of the other bridesmaids wore these open-toe nylons that had a thing that went between her big toe and the next toe, kind of like flip flops. That way, her toes were showing in the open toe shoes, but she had her legs covered.

BranderPaul said...

my vote:

HOSE, WITH THE SPARKLY SHOES. You save money, you'll be warmer, and all of the anti-hose people are Hollywood snobs who live in the land of perma-75 degrees. I hate them already, now I just hate them more for pushing their anti-hose opinions upon us. Beeotches!!

Hose, with the sparkly shoes

JoLynn said...

Seriously. You are talking like hose are going to add a great layer of warmth!

Megan said...

mrs. b: I hear ya. Practically barefoot in December just seems crazy. But then again, will the thin layer of hose make enough of a difference to throw all my fashion sense out the window???? Decisions, decisions.

myfaith&joy: Oooh, excellent point!!!! Hmmmm, I'm starting to lean towards closed toe for a multitude of reasons.

MamaO: I swear, dressing both fashionably and sensibly during the winter months is such a challenge. I feel better knowing you went with the hose, too...hmm, more to ponder.

Kim: A Princess Bride quote!!! I love you.

Cath: I am intrigued. How do they manage to construct such a thing?? Wouldn't the edges roll/fray? I may need to head to Target just to check those out.

Brandi: Word!!! I am highly persuaded by your logic, and by the fact that you are a former pageant girl, so you definitely know what you're talking about.

JoLynn: Don't underestimate the power of hose in a midwest winter! It may make it feel like 17 degrees instead of 16! ;-)

mrs. buckster said...

hee hee, feeling like 17 degrees over 16 is a BIG diff! ps. i have something for you over @ my blog. :)