Friday, December 4, 2009

The Christmas Moose

So, I heard about this cute Christmas tradition from one of my friends the other day. It's called "Elf on the Shelf". Have you heard of it?
Apparently, you can buy this cute little book with elf included for $49.99 from Amazon. Then once it arrives, you tell your kids that the elf is really a "scout" sent by Santa to see if they're being good or bad. The elf sits on your shelf during the day and gathers information for the man in red, and then flies back to the North Pole at night to report back his findings. And there's a trick - the parents are then supposed to move the elf to another shelf before the kids wake up the next morning so they actually believe the whole shebang. If you do all of this correctly, you can then threaten your kids throughout the day that "The elf is watching!!!" whenever they act inappropriately.

I like it.

But I do not like that price tag. So I decided to explain the whole concept to the kids using my own mad creative story-telling skills, and then sent Scott off to Target to buy a cheaper elf to put on our shelf. He called me shortly thereafter to report that he hadn't been able to find any cheap stuffed elves at Target. So instead, he bought a stuffed moose with a wintery scarf.

Unfortunately, moose does not rhyme with shelf. But that's okay...we could work with this. And really, how many shelves do people own anyway? One of those days we would have run out of a shelf on which to put our elf, and then where would we be?

So instead of having an elf on the shelf, we dubbed our Santa scout...."The Christmas Moose." The children were all duly impressed. So much so, that Ashley began to have a panic attack when Scott reminded her that "The Christmas Moose is watching!!!!!" when she began to engage in some behavior that Santa would have classifed as naughty rather than nice.

She asked him, "Daddy, can I ask the Christmas Moose not to tell Santa what I just did?"

Scott replied, "Well, you can ask him, Ashley. But it's up to the moose on whether he tells Santa or not."

Ashley quietly approached the moose (which was not sitting on a shelf, if you're curious). She looked up at it and said "Moose, please don't tell Santa I was being bad." The Moose looked down at her silently. Ashley nodded as if he'd spoken to her telepathically, and said "Mmm hmm. Okay."

Before we could realize that the tables had been turned, Ashley continued her conversation.

"Moose, can I have a piece of candy? Mmm hmm. Okay."

She then turned to Scott, who was just now beginning to catch on, and said "Daddy, the moose said I can have some candy."

And now for the moral of the story:

As with any type of weapon, you must always maintain control over your Christmas Moose. Otherwise it may end up being used against you by highly creative and devious children.


mrs. buckster said...

oh my goodness, this totally made my day! and your daughter just might be my hero for that one. how cute!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

That is too much!!! The twins have been asking everyday for an Elf on the Shelf, because their teacher has one. I too did not like the price tag.

MyFaithandJoy said...

That's hilarious! I'm always excited when I see your posts in my Google Reader, and I'm never disappointed! Thanks for the laughs :)

The Wife said...

My first graders love him!!

Amanda said...

We got Elf on the Shelf for Christmas last year. I guess there is a cheaper version because we didn't get an activity book. The girls loved Zoe (which is what they named him.) I had fun moving Zoe every night after his "visit" to Santa. They were very sad that Zoe had to go home to the North Pole. I wish I had thought of this idea and marketed it for $49.99. Sigh.
Amanda from