Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Bipostennial Celebration (yes, I just made up that word)

Welcome to my 200th post!!! To celebrate, I thought I'd highlight my favorite post from each month over the past year. Which works out nicely since it's almost 2010, and therefore this post can double as my obligatory "Reflections on 2009" post. Isn't that fortuitous?

Without further ado, here they are:

January:  Overheard on the Baby Monitor
February:  Princess of Profanity

March:  In Defense of Jumbo

April:  Darwin Would be Proud

May:  Parenting Dilemmas
June:  On Parenting Identical Twins

July:  Hard Workin' Twins

August:  If You Like Pina Coladas

September:  Another Reason to Love Having Twins

October:  First!

November:  The Bug

December:  The Christmas Moose
It's been a fun and fabulous year!  Here's hoping that 2010 provides more laughs, a little less craziness and ZERO diapers!!!!  A mom of two year old twins can dream, can't she?


The Lane Family said...

What a great idea and you have so many fun ones that it is really hard to pick my favorite but The "Darwin would be Proud" and Parenting Dilemmas are sure cute!!

I think a mom of two year old twins can dream all she want's and the idea of no Zero diapers in 2010 sounds good to me!!!

BranderPaul said...

Here I am.. giggling to myself like a NERD at my desk again :) I totally snorted Diet Dr Pepper up my nose re-reading May's pick--Ashley and life lessons.. you guys CRACK ME UP!! I cannot WAIT for Friday!!!

Kim said...

Thanks for the 12 laughs!

mrs. buckster said...

ok, i cannot pick a fave. you are just seriously the coolest. and congrats on the 200th post! i say, make up whatever words you want and dream away, mama!

Emily said...

I loved going back and reading your old posts. I think my favorite was "On Parenting Identical Twins." My twins are fraternal, but nevertheless, I think I may have to adopt your line of thinking. I also enjoyed your "Hard Working Twins" post, which reminded me of my laundry mishaps ( I look forward to your 2010 posts!