Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Fakesgiving Celebration


Ah, Thanksgiving. When I was growing up, it was the most momentous of family holidays because it was the one major holiday that was entirely, solely, unabashedly, and unapologetically devoted to eating.

Sure, there's that whole thing about being "thankful." But historically speaking, on that first Thanksgiving, those pilgrims were really just thankful they had some food on the table. They were starving, people! They didn't waste time going around the table telling sappy stories about how thankful they were for their families and what not! If anything, they just thanked each other for passing the boiled vegetables real quick like!

(And that is another history lesson brought to you by Megan's memory of elementary school classes, supplemented a minute ago by Wikipedia).

So if you really want to honor the true meaning of Thanksgiving, it's perfectly fine to be like my family and just focus on the turkey and pumpkin pie. It's called a "historically accurate" Thanksgiving, if you want to get technical. Which can come in handy if you need to explain why you interruped your great-grandma's soliloquy about the importance of being thankful to say "Pass the turkey, stat!"

Anyhoo, my family devotes months of planning to our Thanksgiving menu. Not that anything is ever different...every year it's the same. Turkey, secret family recipe for stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc. etc. etc. But the reason that nothing needs to be changed is that my family's Thanksgiving menu has reached Thanksgiving nirvana. It is perfect. And due to such perfection, we like to endlessly discuss it beginning in mid to late September of each year. It drives my husband crazy. He is an outsider, though, so he just doesn't understand (he once told me he doesn't even like the secret stuffing. The horror! The horror!)

But the past couple of years, a wrench has been thrown into everyone's plans.

It's called...having children. And having two sets of grandparents who both want to see said grandchildren on various major holidays. So this Thanksgiving, I will be forgoing my side of the family's Thanksgiving festivities and traveling to my in-laws instead. Granted, there will be turkey and fixings galore, which I'm sure will be delicious. We might even get two turkeys, since Scott's parents are divorced and we're splitting our holiday time between them. (I never thought of that as a positive factor about divorce...two turkeys on Thanksgiving! I wonder if they put that in the self-help books.)

But it's just not the same.

So tonight, my family all gathered for an early "Fakesgiving" celebration. We all pitched in...Scott and I supplied the homemade pumpkin pie and wine, my brother and sister-in-law brought apple pie and a sweet potato dish, my grandma and uncle brought cookies and salad, my dad made the secret stuffing, and my mom baked and roasted and mashed and carmelized everything else for a Fakesgiving feast that was beyond compare.

Everything was delish. And maybe, just maybe, this year I'm thankful not only for the food, but for a family who would go to all this trouble just to get to celebrate Thanksgiving with me and my husband and our kids. *Sniff*

Although on second thought, they are still planning to have real Thanksgiving in a couple weeks. Which means they'll get a turkey feast twice in the same month. Which means that...wait a minute...Fakesgiving wasn't about me at all! They just did it for the extra turkey!!!

Pure genius.


MP said...

Damn straight, I may not even eat again between now and the real Thanksgiving. And technically it was only your sister in law who brought the apple pie and sweet potato dish, though I did carry one or the other of them.

Helene said...

What a fabulous idea!! It's awesome that you were able to celebrate early with your family. Having kids also threw a huge wrench in our holiday plans. Every year, starting around August both my mom and MIL begin asking where we're gonna spend the holidays. So much drama!!!

Glad you all had a great time! Wow, you're gonna be eating a ton of turkey...yeah!