Thursday, October 29, 2009

I, Vegetable

After Ashley's preschool Halloween parade yesterday, she had another hour and a half left of school. The rest of us got in the car to drive home, where I found myself in an unusual circumstance.

Scott was driving, my mother-in-law was in the front passenger seat, and the boys were side by side in their carseats in the middle row of my minivan. I squished into the back row by myself and laid my head against the side of Ashley's empty carseat.

Scott and his mom chatted amongst each other. The boys were silent. So I sat quietly in the back seat. Alone. Free to just stare out the window and vegetate.

I cannot remember the last time I had that opportunity. There is always something going on or something that I should be doing...whether it be kid-related or Scott-related or me-related or work-related or whatever else-related.

But yesterday, there was nothing to do and nothing to think about. For the 15 minute drive home, I could completely relax, tune the world out, and be nothing but pure vegetable. More specifically, I decided I would be a pumpkin, it being Halloween season and all.

But my brain would not cooperate with my vegetation plan.

I started a pumpkin a vegetable? Or is it a fruit? It has seeds...that means it's a fruit, right? But no way. A pumpkin is totally a vegetable. It has to be. Doesn't it?

And I just couldn't stop myself. "Find out if a pumpkin is a fruit or vegetable" was put on the mental to-do list, and just like that, my vegetation ended. The blackberry was brought out, the google search was conducted, and pretty soon I had my answer.


No wonder I couldn't vegetate properly.


Sadia said...

How did our parents survive without Google? How did I survive high school without Google?

I got a manicure a while back. It was excruciating. I no longer know how to sit still. :)

Anonymous said...

If I told you once, I told you so many times...Your mind never stops....and you always make me laugh!!!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Isn't it horrible when we can't take 5 minutes and just have peace?

Take 2 minutes and come check out your award.