Monday, October 19, 2009

The Good Wife

As I was driving home tonight after a long day at work, Scott called my cell phone. And I actually answered on the first ring. This is an unusual occurrence because I have the Cowboy Junkies version of Sweet Jane as my ring tone, which although mesmerizingly beautiful, is kinda hard to hear when stuffed at the bottom of my giant purse a/k/a laptop bag a/k/a diaper bag. (We lawyer mama's can't live without the gp/lb/db, am I right??).

Anyway, Scott had a complicated plan involving dinner and football and chicken wings. Apparently, he planned to load the kids up in his truck, head out to Wing Stop to pick up some cajun fire wings, and be back home and parked in front of the tv by 7:30 to watch Monday night football. Also somewhere in there he planned to feed the kids, hopefully something other than cajun fire wings.

I hung up thinking that he had a sound plan, and then realized "Oops, maybe I should just go pick up the wings."

(Sometimes I am kind of dense.)

So I called him back (Scott always answers on the first ring, maybe owing to the fact that his ring tone is Walk by Pantera), and said "Hey babe, I'll go pick up the wings!" He graciously accepted.

I was feeling like such a good wife I almost wish he'd asked me to stop to buy him some beer, too. I might have actually done it this time.

But, I just got the wings and offered to watch football with him instead. Which then completely confused me because he is playing Fantasy Football and apparently sometimes you want one player to do something good but then another player to do something bad and frankly I just can't keep up if we're not going to stick with "just cheer for the guys in red."

But even though I was confused, I was happy to be spending time with my husband. And Scott was happy because apparently he got oodles of Fantasy Football points this week. And if I may say so myself, he also got some good points in fantasy good-wifeness (do you think that term will ward off the creepy google searches?), which if being scored would look as follows:

Bringing home wings: +5

Not bringing home beer: -5

Agreeing to watch football: +5

Asking too many questions during football: -5

Waiting until after football is over to pester husband to read blog post: +10

Winner: Scott

Too bad baseball season is over (at least for StL Cardinals fans, it is), otherwise I'd be able to rack up even more points. I wonder if I can redeem them for anything? Like a day at the spa? Or a new camera lens? Or maybe sleeping in this Sunday? A girl can always dream.


shannon said...

aw! you SHOULD get the good wife award...or it's cooler named equivalent. i actually watched football with my hubster this last weekend (ok, i snuck in a short nap), but it was more enjoyable than i had expected and i think that he appreciated it too! of course, he he might appreciate it a little more if there were some hot wings on the menu! and i'd redeem my points on sleeping in. always. ;)

Gary said...

I love both of those songs! I would say I like Sweet Jane more because it's the best cover of any song ever, but Pantera actually gets more play on my iPod. I can see how Sweet Jane would make for a bad ringtone, though. I don't know how you ever get the song out of your head. It's sticky.

MyFaithandJoy said...

What a great post! I watched football last night with my husband, but as he was doing the fantasy football schizo cheering thing, I similarly felt dazed and foolish. But happy to be with my husband. And happy the guys in white won. Or was it blue?

The Wife said...

Such a good wife!

MelissaKell said...

I get points off for asking too many questions during football, too! What a good wife, though - speaking of which, THE GOOD WIFE tv show is on tonight - it's the only new show I'm watching this season. I love it! :-)