Monday, October 26, 2009

El Saturday Nighto

Scott and I left the kids with my parents on Saturday night and went out with our dear friends for some Mexican food and margaritas.

We had a fabulous time. Except I think I mistakenly ordered off the kids' menu. In my defense, the menu was in Spanish, which is a language I do not speak. I took French back in high school. And yes, I retained some of it. And no, I will not go to a French restaurant and order off the adult menu to prove it to you, because French restaurants are much too expensive. Sacre bleu! (For those of you who don't speak French, that means "As if!" or "You idiot!" or the equivalent). Besides, everybody in France speaks English anyway, so it doesn't really matter if I remember any of it or not. At least that's what a partner in my firm once told me before she jetsetted off for a European vacation and left me back in the midwest with a crapload of work to do. But whatever.

So, yes...I ordered a baby quesadilla for dinner. I should've known when the waitress tried to explain to me that it was nothing fancy...just cheese and a tortilla. And maybe the fact that it was listed in the same section as the chicken nuggets and mini cheeseburger should have clued me in. But was a delicious quesadilla, albeit tiny. Luckily, the strawberry margarita I also ordered was definitely not from the kids menu, so at least I had that going for me. Ole! (See, I told you I don't speak Spanish. I don't know even know the proper excited utterances.)

After dinner, we headed back to our friends' house and broke out the Wii. What does it say about you when everyone else in your group scores in the 20-30 year age range on the Wii fitness test, but you top out at a sprightly 54 years old?

(I think it says maybe you should cool it on those margaritas.)

Anyway, we had a blast. And I only got a little upset when everybody ganged up on my Wii avatar and gave her a cruel nickname. Yes, in hindsight, perhaps that extra cheek mole wasn't a good idea. And maybe some rhinoplasty is in order. And maybe comparing her to a "slightly-off" Marilyn Monroe was being a bit too generous. But still, Wii avatars have feelings too! And just like a mother with her newborn baby, I will always think my Wii avatar is beautiful. Even if she has a d*ck nose.

Let me tell you, that Wii is a fun little gadget. I think we just might need to get one.


Lani said...

Man, I am dying for a Wii.. would it be wrong to get one "for the kids" for Christmas? Two is old enough, right?

shannon said...

i nearly spit soda out of my nose when i read "Ole!" so funny. oh and glad you had a good time sans kiddos! i'm sure that your Mii (Wii avatar-i think that's what those are called) appreciates your loyalty. ps. i sometimes *wish* that i could order off of the kids menu...

Brandi said...

"I think she's beautiful!!" Yup.. I told you I would say it all week long :)

Sadia said...

You're hysterical.

If you're ever in Austin we have ... wait for it ... excellent and affordable French food. Vraiment! If you're ever in town, you must check out Chez Nous. It's our preferred dinner date location on the rare occasion that we're kid free. We've been once. Kid free is that rare.

Moi, je ne parle pas espagnol et je m'appelle Rodriguez. Go figure.

The Lane Family said...

This is so funny and I am glad to know I am not the only one who has ordered of the Child's menu. Mine happened to be at a Thai establishment. I do not speak Thai thank you very much so give me a break :)

As for the Wii, we have decided that our almost 4 year old and the 17 month old twin girls need one for Christmas. Okay maybe mommy and daddy need it to. But we are all about sharing!!!