Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn Activities


I looooove fall-themed activities. So today, we packed all the kids in the minivan and drove down to Arbor Day Farm for a day of nature-appreciation, apple-picking and corn maze-panicking. All in that order.

Nature Appreciation


There was a nice little wooded area surrounding the orchards, where you could hike and explore and do all kinds of nature type stuff. We stuck to the paved trails, which had lots of fun activities for the kids.

I think their favorite activity was identifying various animal tracks in the concrete walkways. Basically, a little sign would point out the footprints, then you were supposed to try and guess what animal it was, and then you'd lift a little sign up to find out the answer. I didn't get any of them right, unless you count the time I guessed chicken when it was really a turkey. I mean, close enough, right??

Anyway, we got a little freaked out when one of the answers was bobcat, so we decided to move right along to the apple picking.

Apple Picking


When you go apple picking in October, you're really out of luck. That's because millions of ripe apples have already fallen off the trees and are just laying about on the ground, rotting away. There is nary an apple in sight within reach of a toddler with only a three foot arm span.

So Scott saddled up the old apple arm/pole/basket picker thingy (I'm pretty sure that's the technical name, but it's not showing up on wikipedia so I'm not 100%) and went to business.

Then we realized that the apples on the ground had not fallen off naturally due to the lateness in the season, but because of dopes like us who don't know how to use the apple arm/pole/basket picker thingy correctly and end up knocking three apples down for every one that gets into the basket. Oops.

After we caused enough destruction in the orchard, we moved on to the corn maze.

Corn Maze Panicking


What do you all like to do after a busy morning of hiking and picking apples with three tiny-legged children? Take them to a 20 acre corn maze? Yeah, us too!

I started to panic after just a few minutes in. That corn was tall!! And Scott was letting the twins pick which way to go! And wait -- did you say twenty acres? And Ashley was already starting to say "Daddy, can you carry me?" And I swear to God, I kept seeing piles of witch hair on the ground!! (Later, I discovered that the witch hair was actually corn husk parts, but still, it was scary at the time.)

When Scott read the panic in my face, he commandeered the corn maze map back from the twins. He then led us on a wild journey out of the corn maze, complete with short cuts and sun positioning and talk of parallel trails and I don't know what else. But eventually, he got us out. And we were close to the car, too!

You know you truly love a man when you'll blindly follow him through a corn maze, even when he decides to go offroading. That's what I learned today. (And that maybe next time I'll bring my cell phone with me, just in case).


Christina said...

Man that looks fun! Its been so crappy here, I hope we can get out this weekend to do some fun fall stuff!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Oh - I'm with you on the corn maze and the cell phone. I am chicken to take the twins who are 7 and could handle the walking - although not 20 acres.

And I'm also jealous that everyone else has been apple and pumpkin pickin and I feel like October has run away from us before we got a chance to enjoy it.

MelissaKell said...

I have a fear of corn mazes with the children. I have never done one and I don't think I want to start now with little kids. :-) Maybe in a few years.... But I'm glad you had fun, and the apple picker basket thing is cool - I've never seen anything like that!