Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All the Lawyers in the House Say HAAY!

Oh, I get it.

At work today, I realized why I don't twitter (tweet?). It's because I'm a lawyer, and I already live my life in six-minute increments described in 140 characters or less.

It's called billing your time.

And here I thought I just wasn't hip enough to understand the appeal of twittering (tweeting?). But I am actually super hip! I've been tweeting for the past 7 years! Way before it was cool!

Granted, they're super boring tweets...

Research and analyze blah blah blah...;

Draft memo summarizing blah blah blah...;

Confer with working group regarding blah blah blah;

But I think it counts. Plus, it seems a lot more festive to say you have to "tweet your time" rather than "bill your time". And when you're in the midst of deciphering a week's worth of post-it notes containing phrases like "Talk to S. re. T .08", a little festivity never hurt anyone.


Thanks to everyone who voted for Twinsomnia as funniest blog over at Multiples & More! Alas, it was not to be. Apparently I'm only bronze medal funny. That's fine with me, though...bronze really brings out the green in my eyes. :-)


The Madduxes said...

I'm a mother of two sets of twins and also a lawyer. I found your blog yesterday through the "funniest blog" nomination while I was surfing around at the office when I should have been working. (I'm just recently into reading blogs, and it may be the death of my career.) I never leave comments, but just wanted to say that I read several back posts, enjoyed them all, even laughed out loud a couple of times, then loved today's post (I can relate!). I look forward to reading some more.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Your billable tweets probably sound cooler than the actually tweets on twitter.

Brandi said...

You are totally GOLD MEDAL worthy!!!! Woman, you racked up 120+ votes!!! 120 people who read and love your blog!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!! I think that certainly warrants a Red Lobster dinner with pina coladas :) YOU ROCK, MEGS!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Gary said...

Maybe rethinking the bane of my existence as tweeting could make it a little less excruciating. .1

Megan said...

TM - Thanks so much!!! That just made my day. :-)

MamaO - Why, thank you! Hopefully my clients agree. ;-)

Brandi - Well, I think it was a more likely scenario that 10 of my closest friends each found 12 different computers to vote on. But I'm never one to turn down a Red Lobster dinner, so tomato tahmahto!

Gary - That's the spirit!

Lani said...

It was a totally close race:) You guys are all great writers and super funny:)