Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Went to Pump...It Up!

My girlfriends and I have reproduced a lot of children. Not only that, but we tend to favor the same months for birthing such children. Thus, we have a ridiculous number of birthday parties to attend at certain times of the year, including August/September.

After a couple years of end-of-summer birthday party overload, we decided it was time to think big. So, we pooled our resources and decided to throw one big party for all the kids at the same time. That way, we were able to reserve some of our August/September weekends for non-birthday activities but still got to celebrate with each other.

This morning we headed out to our local Pump It Up for this summer's birthday party extravaganza. It was awesome until the car ride home, when out of the blue, Ashley let loose with a "yucky cough" (i.e., threw up everywhere). I turned to Scott and said:

Me: She has swine flu.

Scott: What?

Me: She has swine flu! She must have gotten it from preschool. Damn preschool!

Scott: Why do you think she has swine flue?

Me: Duh, because she just threw up!! What else could it be?

Scott: Hmmm, considering we just let her jump around on inflatables for two hours and then stuffed her full of sugar, I have no idea.

Me: Oh, well...yeah.

But before the regurgitation incident, we had a blast...

Aidan became a pro at the first 1/8th of the obstacle course.

Owen was super brave going down the monster slide all by himself. I was so proud. Sniff.

Ashley showed no sign of what was to come later. Although frankly, I didn't see much of her once we arrived. She zipped off to bounce with her buddies and I barely saw her after that, so maybe the warning signs were present and I just missed them.

I was a maniac and played capture the flag off the velcro thingies (I don't think that's the actual name, but whatever).

I did not do very well.

And, I skinned my elbow.

But man, we had fun, puke notwithstanding. So much fun, that it's making me wonder why the heck we decided to just have one birthday party this summer. Hmmmm, maybe we need to rethink this.


Brianna Rigsby said...

I love reading your blog!! I have a question for you...When did your twins start sleeping through the night?????

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Capture (or not capture) the flag sounds like so much fun!
And as for the puke - it probably was the sugar/jumping - at least I hope so!

Brandi said...

look how super cute you are!! Coolest mom EVER!

Megan said...

Brianna - Thanks! :-) Hmmm, I think my twins started sleeping through the night at 5 months?? I know, probably not what you were hoping to hear, right?? Sorry! Hang in there!!! :-) Sleep deprivation is the worst.

MamaO - I definitely excelled at not capturing the flag, that's for sure. No signs of swine flu today, so I think we're in the clear. ;-)

Brandi - You are too nice to me, girl. Love you lots.

Lani said...

Yikes! eh, actually one kid puking is kind of no biggie right, when you have three:) As long as it isn't the swine flu, that is:)