Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Retail Therapy

I made a startling discovery tonight.

Did you know that the word "October" is actually an anagram for "Rec Boot"?!?! I know! I couldn't believe it myself. Who am I to argue with the universe telling me that October is the month of the recreational boot? Clearly, I need to go shoe shopping.

I'm thinking something faux suede-ish with a heel. Kinda like these...

Speaking of which, I like that dress too. Hmmmm....wait a minute... "October" could also be an anagram for "Cot Robe"!! Granted that dress isn't a robe, but it is 55% cotton. Close enough... I guess I gotta go dress shopping, too.

Ooh, I love fall clothes shopping. The colors, the textures...the self-rationalization that goes along with the purchase of each item ("I will totally wear that [insert impractical item of clothing here] all season long! I should buy it. I would be stupid not to buy it! Okay, I'm buying it.")

But the last few years I've gone clothes shopping, an interesting trend has emerged - I just end up buying stuff for the kids. But this time, I am not going to let that happen. Instead, I am going to splurge and buy some new threads for myself this weekend. Granted, the state of the economy will limit my splurging to the sale racks at Kohl's and Old Navy, but still...I am excited for some retail therapy.


shannon said...

I. HEAR YA. honestly. there is NOTHING i love more than browsing the sale racks this time of year (pretending that i can afford even those)! but, i too, ALWAYS end up buying clothes for the kiddies who, any given day of the week, are better-dressed than their mama. anyway, have fun shopping! i love your anagrams!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

I love those boots - but I'm with you I ususally end up buying just for the kids.

MelissaKell said...

Or it can be a palindrome for Rebotco - Becca and I were writing words backwards this morning. :-) And talking about palindromes.

Have fun with your retail therapy.

Megan said...

Shannon - My kids are always better dressed than me, too! Which really isn't saying much since a lot of their clothes come from Wal-Mart. Oy. This mama needs to go shopping stat! ;-)

MamaO - Totally. I'm gonna try to change that this weekend though!

Melissa - Ooh, palindromes. I love those almost as much as anagrams. :-)