Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That's the way it was...

Ack! A new season of Project Runway started and nobody told me. I only found out by clicking on this random msnbc article because I was sucked in by the headline "Williams won't don drag to play Boyle," because well, that sounded interesting.

Anyway, I clicked on the link and inadvertently found out that a whole new season of PR had started without me. Which made me mad, until I realized the article was really about poor Tim Gunn's mother being sick and him not being able to visit her due to the aforementioned new season. So then I just felt guilty.

But I set up my TiVo season pass anyway. Hopefully I haven't missed too much.

Speaking of TiVo, I found myself speaking 'old lady' to Ashley tonight while brushing her hair. We were sitting upstairs and I turned on the non-Tivo set to distract her while I tried to detangle and diffuse and detox and whatever else you're supposed to do with naturally curly hair.

Ashley was not pleased by either (i) the hair brushing; or (ii) the television viewing options available to her. After informing me that yes, she would rather I shave her head, she complained that she didn't want to watch whatever was on the tube and that she wanted a cartoon instead.

At first I patiently explained, "We can't just pick whatever we want to watch on the non-TiVo tv. We just have to watch what's on, and there are no cartoons on at 6:00 at night."

But Ashley was persistent. And whiny. And awfully demanding. "But MOM-EEEEE, I waaaaaant to watch cartoons. Right NOW!"

So then I got a little cantankerous. "Let me tell you a little story about the olden days. When I was a little girl, we didn't have TiVo. We didn't even have VCRs!"

"Mommy, what's a VCR?"

"Nevermind. We didn't have TiVo's, we didn't have DVDs, and not only that - they only played cartoons for a couple of hours on Saturday mornings. And that was it! That was all the cartoons we got for the whole week! And you know what? We liked it! We loved it!"

Except we really didn't. God bless TiVo.


Steph said...

My husband laughed at me last week when I said I had to "tape" Project Runway, when I meant set the dvr. Do they even sell vcr tapes anymore?!!!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

and we had to get up to change the channel - my kids cannot get over not having a remote.

Emily said...

Your description of hair-wrangling with your daughter brought to mind an encounter I had with my mom oh-so-many years ago: She had crimped my bangs, per my request, right before school. When I viewed the finished product, I melted down in misery. She told me that if I didn't like my bangs that way, she could either wet them or cut them. Being the short-sighted child I was, I opted for the latter. And she did it. All because I didn't want to go to school with wet hair. Ack, I'm already quaking about future before-school-hair-battles with my girls!

Megan said...

Steph - Ha! I don't know if they sell tapes anymore. I know you can't rent them at my neighborhood blockbuster anymore...oy, I feel old.

MamaO - Oh, I totally hear ya on the remote!! I remember sitting in front of the tv having to switch the knob thingy around. Ah, those were the days.

Emily - OMG, your mom!! That's too funny she cut them. I'm dreading the start of preschool this fall b/c it's going to bring tons of these hair battles with it...ugh.