Friday, August 21, 2009


My brother got married last weekend to the girl of his dreams.

(We love her too).

The ceremony was simple, lovely, and romantic.

(I cried. Lots).

I took tons of pictures. But when I uploaded them, Picasa ate them.

(I cried some more. Lots).

Only one picture survived Picasa's voracious appetite.

But thankfully, it was my favorite.

Congratulations M & A - I love you both.


MelissaKell said...

Oh, no, sorry about your pictures! They make a lovely bride and groom, though.

Mike said...

No worries Megsy! Its the most beautiful photo we've seen!

Megan said...

Thanks Melissa! I was soooo bummed about the pictures. Of all the times for something like that to happen...

Mikey, thanks for being so nice about it! I'm such a bonehead. Love you, and I'm glad you liked the picture. :-)