Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Speech and Sauce

As I've mentioned before on the blog, the twins have a propensity to speak monkey instead of english. Because we strive to be good parents, Scott and I consulted with their pediatrician about their lack of english-speaking skills and were told to have them evaluated by the state to see if they'd qualify for speech therapy services.

So that's what we did. We had a few nice ladies come out to the house who administered different tests and filled out various checklists and what not. It went something like this:

Nice lady: Owen, can you find the banana??

Owen: silence

Nice lady: Owen, where's the banana??


We thought there was a pretty good chance we'd qualify for services. If for nothing else, at least to get some tips on how to keep Ashley quiet so her brothers could get a word in edgewise.

However, the nice ladies ultimately decided that monkey-speaking toddlers do not qualify for speech therapy in the good State of Nebraska. Apparently, the boys are.....average.

I suppose that's....good? In an average sort of way?

So we're on our own. Which I'm not too terribly worried about, because the visit from the nice ladies apparently scared the boys straight. I think they thought we were going to institutionalize them or something so they decided to get with the program and try to actually communicate with us.

However, the boys don't understand that just because they can say what they want, doesn't mean they will always get what they want.

Take Aidan and his applesauce, for example. Aidan would eat applesauce for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let him. If Aidan had to choose between ice cream and applesauce, he would choose applesauce every time. If applesauce went and jumped in a lake, Aidan would jump right on in after it. If applesauce went to prison, Aidan would visit it every Sunday. Aidan would take a bullet for applesauce. Aidan would...oh lord, I could go on all night.

Suffice it to say, Aidan loves applesauce.

So, the other night for dinner I fed the kids pasta and apple slices. Not applesauce - apple slices. The real deal, people! Granny Smiths for everyone! They all ate happily until Aidan realized that he didn't have a side of applesauce to go with his apple slices.

Aidan: Gah, mama.

Me: What?

Aidan: GAH! MAMA!

Me: Ashley, do you know what he wants? (Ashley is more fluent in monkey than me)

Ashley: I think he wants applesauce, mommy.

Me: Aidan, you want applesauce?

Aidan: YEAH!!!!!

Annnnnd...cue the applesauce jig. The applesauce jig is a little happy dance that Aidan has invented whenever he realizes he is about to get the coveted sauce. I love that dance. In fact, I've been known to give him a second helping of the sauce just to see the dance again - it's that cute.

But, applesauce jig or no, I was not about to let perfectly good slices of real apple go to waste, especially since I had almost sliced my finger off in the process of cutting them earlier. By God, Aidan was going to expand his horizons - it would be a solid apple slice or bust!

Well, it was a bust. Aidan threw a fit when he realized I was not going to give him his applesauce fix. And let me tell you, Aidan is certainly not average when it comes to throwing tantrums.

But in good news, at least he understood what I was saying! Right? We were communicating!! Who needs speech therapy when you have a good jar of applesauce in the fridge. Not us, apparently.


Anonymous said...

What is it about "sauce" that makes normal children go crazy? V is in love with the stuff as well, while A prefers the slices. Glad your boys are "average" :p

On a side note, I was just checking out Scott's blog, and not only is it funny to read his viewpoint on the ferris wheel ride, but I see you guys are starting to potty train - using "Potty Power"! So are we! The budget for that thing had to be $5, but the thing works! How is that possible! It must be because the songs are just catchy enough to drill themselves into your brain where they never leave :D

Megan said...

Scott totally has a different spin on the ferris wheel ride! I prefer to stick to my nice and cheesy viewpoint. ;-) The kids are going to be soooooo confused once they grow up and read our respective blogs due to our different perspectives on things.

Isn't Potty Power amazing????!!!! And highly annoying??? I can't believe how it works, though. Must be something about toddler peer pressure. Now whenever Aidan has a successful potty attempt, he just nonchalantly walks out of the bathroom and says "pah powah, mama". I love it.

MelissaKell said...

Great story. "the boys don't understand that just because they can say what they want, doesn't mean they will always get what they want." - I also love the stage when they think that as long as they say "please" that they get what they want. Um, no, "please" is not that magic of a word.

Love that Ashley understands and can translate monkey language, too.

Amy said...

There is such a wide range of "normal" when it comes to language development. I think you are like me- your first born is SO articulate, it makes the others seem that much more behind. That's how I feel about Michael anyways. And the pediatrician at their 18 month WBV was like, he's got 10 words now? That's great! Too funny about the applesauce dance! You must get it on video!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Average - such an odd word. Maybe their above average for developing "monkey language." Your boys are still young and I'm sure that with your concern already they will grow into their English.
I also posted about twin language in my blog yesterday - but didn't read yours until today. It may help to read from someone who made it to the other side of monkey works.

Megan said...

Melissa: Oh, the "please" stage - Ashley has now upgraded to "pretty please with sugar on top, please???" And it gets whinier the more times I say no...argh.

Amy: I totally agree - I think Ashley has warped my idea of what to expect. She has always had soooo much to say and was always ahead of the curve verbally. I also think this twin language thing is huge - the boys totally have little conversations where they know exactly what the other one is saying. It's crazy - I need to do a post on it.

MamaO: Isn't the twin language thing nuts????? My boys have a name for each other too - it's something like 'hey ya'. It's crazy how they communicate with each other! It's nice to know that the 'monkey language' stage won't last forever!! :-)

Anna said...

What is Scotts blog..that is so fun he has his own too!!! Love the monky language!!!

Megan said...

Thanks Anna! Scott has a blog called Unsportsmanlike Conduct - the link is in my sidebar. He doesn't update very often, but when he does it's always entertaining! :-)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Oh, I laughed at the applesauce jig!

My kids are weird and LOVE my lentil, butternut and rice dish. The last time I gave it to Kendra she clapped her hands she got so excited. Very cute but very weird :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

P.S. Can't wait to hear what the speech therapist says - all the best!