Monday, July 27, 2009

Conversations with a Preschooler

Do not scoff when your almost 4-year-old tells you that she's going to go play hockey in the middle of July. Because you just might walk back into your kitchen to find this:

Where there's a will, there's a way. Here are a few more of our encounters over the last 24-hour period. I'm never quite sure who's the winner when we try to hash things out....we both tend to wind up rather befuddled.

Ashley vs. Mommy

Scene #1: The kitchen.
Background: Ashley will be serving as the flower girl in our friends' wedding in a couple weeks. Scott is the best man. I am a bridesmaid. The wedding ceremony involves a full Catholic Mass. I currently do not have any plan of containing her in the church other than relying on my quick wits and bribing her with copious amounts of fruit snacks.

Me: Ashley, next week you have to be quiet in church. You can do that right?

Ashley: Yes, mommy.

Me: Okay, let's practice being quiet.

Ashley: **silence**

Me: Nice job. Now, what if somebody comes up to you in the middle of church and goes "waka waka waka!" **Cue me doing a waka waka waka dance in front of Ashley. Use your imagination as to what that looks like**

Ashley: I'll still be quiet. See? **silence**

Me: Good.

Ashley: But mommy. Why would somebody do that?

Me: never know.

Scene #2: The family room couch.
Background: Ashley and I are snuggled up watching an episode of Blue's Clues. Joe (we are not fans of Steve) has just informed us that the clues of the day are (i) water, (ii) soap, and (iii) a car.

Me: Ashley, what do you think the clues mean?

Ashley: Water, soap, and a car, mommy.

Me: Yeah, I know what the clues are, but what do you think they mean? Where do you go that you need all that stuff?

Ashley: The zoo.

Scene #3: The family room floor.
Background: Ashley has been throwing tea parties left and right lately. However, she only has 3 teacups and apparently her stuffed animals have higher priority for teacup use than her own mother.

Ashley: Mommy, will you have a tea party with me?

Me: Can I have a teacup this time?

Ashley: No mommy. The bear and the monkey and the baby need the teacups.

Me: What kind of a tea party is it if I can't even have a teacup?

Ashley: I'm sorry, mommy. But, you can bring your coffee.

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