Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rhyme Time

Last night, I decided to teach Ashley about rhyming.

Me: Hey, let's rhyme some words!

Ashley: Okay.

Me: Do you know what rhyming is? It's when two different words sound the same.

Ashley: Oh-kaaaay....

Me: Like dog and log. And frog! And cat and hat! Got it?

Ashley: Yup. Mommy, what rhymes with eggs?

Me: Hmmm....legs!

Ashley: No, mommy. That's not rhyming.

Me: Yes it is.

Ashley: No, mommy. A chicken rhymes with eggs.

Me: No, it doesn't. A chicken lays eggs - it doesn't rhyme with eggs.

Ashley: What rhymes with chicken?

Me: Uh....lickin'? Chicken is finger lickin' good!

Ashley: Mommy, you don't lick a chicken.

Me: Well, true. But it still rhymes.

Ashley: No, mommy. You have a mommy chicken, a daddy chicken, eggs, and then the baby chickens. And that's rhyming.

I think my three year old just unknowingly taught me about the birds and the bees. That was unexpected. And all I wanted to do was rhyme.

I guess it will have to wait for another time.

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