Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Proper Care and Feeding of a Wife

I've been traveling this week for work. I got home late last night, and had to get up early again to head into the office. And I am tired.

So tired that I actually fell asleep at my desk this afternoon. I'm pretty sure you can't count sleeping as a billable hour, even if you are dreaming of work. Darnit.

So I decided to come home early.

Luckily, my husband is fantastic, and let me take a nap when I got home, even though he has been solo parenting for the last two days. Then when I woke up, he said:

"What do you want for dinner? I'll make you anything you want. As long as I don't need to use the oven."

(The oven is broken. Darnit.)

So, I thought about it for a little while. He threw out some man food suggestions: "Steak? Italian sausage? Ribs?"

And then it came to me.

"I want the Denny's Grand Slam breakfast."

He looked at me curiously.

"For dinner?", he said.

"Yes," I replied.

"Eggs and bacon?", he probed.

"And pancakes and sausage and toast. And hashbrowns.", I confirmed.

So that's what my husband made me. Pancakes, fried eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, bacon and toast.

(Well, I made the toast. But I burned it. Darnit.)

It was a welcome home feast. And I ate it all. Apparently traveling makes me tired and hungry.


Kiley said...

You are a lucky woman!!! :)

Megan said...

Don't I know it! ;-)

Natasha Kale said...

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