Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deep Thoughts by Facebook

I took the "What's your stress level?" quiz on Facebook the other day.

Apparently my life is 97% stressful. Yikes. How could that possibly be????

Oh yeah, that's right. I have three kids. And a career. And a husband in school. And a mortgage. (Don't let the cuteness fool you...scenes like the above tend to degenerate very quickly).

As I was scrolling down the list of questions, filling in one stressful answer after the other, I knew I wasn't doing well. But then I got to the final question, which was "Your romantic partner...", and I thought oooh, I'm gonna kick ass on this part of the test. Scott rocks!

But then I stopped short when I reviewed the list of multiple choice answers:

Your romantic partner...

(a) brings you joy and stress
(b) is the love of your life
(c) knows exactly which of your buttons to push
(d) is non existent because you don't have time
(e) is your soulmate

I was about to fill in (b), but then I saw (e) down on the list.

Well, now, isn't that a conundrum. Does facebook think the love of your life can't be your soulmate? That it has to be one or the other? Is having a soulmate more/less stressful than having a love of your life? Or vice versa? And why am I giving this much credence to a facebook quiz?

I didn't know which one to pick. I should have gone back and filled it out both ways just to find out if one option was more stressful than the other. But when you're 97% stressed, you only have time to take those quizzes once, tops.

Oh well. I figure you can't go wrong with either a soulmate or love of your life, right? Facebook only gives it a 3% differential, anyhow.

Stay tuned for more deep thoughts inspired by facebook quizzes. For example, if Facebook tells me I should move to Ohio....should I? (probably not). And, should my Barbie name really be "Sassy Barbie"? (probably.)

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