Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You and Me and a Griddle Makes Three

Scott and I were strolling the aisles at Kohl's a few weeks back when we both spied the most glorious invention ever...

The electric griddle.

Considering that we have been using our tired, old, purchased-off-the-top-shelf-at-the-grocery-store electric skillet since 2002, we decided it was time to upgrade. Plus, I had a 20% off coupon! And you can't let that go to waste.

So we bought it. And I have made a mean breakfast every Saturday morning since. Mean in the sense that it is dang good, and also in the sense that it could give you a heart attack without an ounce of guilt. (Is there such a thing as healthy griddle-cooking? Wait...don't tell me. I don't want to know.)

The kids got in on the excitement, too. Even Owen (our self-declared toddler vegan) ate a slice of BACON that was fried to perfection on the griddle last Saturday. Bacon!! Maybe he's a true Nebraskan after all.

I had a momentary panic attack on Sunday when I learned about the swine flu sweeping the nation, but a quick visit to google reassured me that you can't catch the flu via bacon.

Thank goodness. What kind of a world would that be?


Coupons said...

Yes , really very bad to here about the swine flu sweeping the nation

Amy said...

mmm, the electric griddle rocks! We got one for our wedding and have blueberry pancakes every Saturday morning =) Yummy!

Stupid swine flu! If it screws with my Aruba trip I'm going to be PISSED!

Megan said...

Ooh, blueberry pancakes! Now I'm hungry. Swine flu has the worst timing, doesn't it?? Although I guess there's never a good time for swine flu.