Thursday, April 2, 2009

Darwin Would Be Proud

My little girl is growing up. If you're in the mood for a long rambling tale, settle in and I'll tell you why.

Tonight we watched Go Diego Go on Noggin. The kids actually prefer Diego's cousin Dora the Explorer to Diego himself, but I for one prefer Diego. The music is a lot zippier. And I love to jam out to the "Rescue Pack" song.

Yo Rescue Pack! Comin' to the RES-cue! AWWWWW Rescue Pack!


Anyways, back on topic.

So, Go Diego Go tells the tale of a little boy (i.e., Diego) who spends his time rescuing exotic animals that get themselves into various pickles. Today Diego rescued a pygmy marmoset.

shared by Dries Arnolds

Cute little fella, huh?

Well, after a bunch of rigamarole about the pygmy marmoset having a boo-boo on its paw, and needing to eat some kind of special syrup or something, the exciting part of Go Diego Go kicked in...the part where the animal of the day does something stupid and almost gets itself killed by whatever animal happens to be listed higher up than it in the food chain.

Of course, this is a show for preschooler's - so they don't actually show natural selection in action, or even discuss it for that matter. Instead, Diego says "Oh no! The [insert animal of the day] is AFRAID of [insert predator animal]!" Then your preschooler is supposed to yell out instructions given by Diego that will help the animal not be "afraid" anymore. Something along the lines of "duck and cover!" or "stop, drop and roll!" Or something like that.

Today, Diego said "Oh no! The pygmy marmoset is AFRAID of hawks!"

And Ashley looked at me knowingly and said,

"Mommy, that hawk's gonna eat that monkey."

Diego's not gettin' anything past my Ashley.


Red said...

She's a smart 'un! I forsee many adventures when she's a teenager, heh

lol, now I've got that dang rescue pack song stuck in my head, WTG!

Holly Ann said...

Oh, this is great! I found your blog through the Multiples and More Blog Network and I'm so glad I stopped by! Great writing, hilarious stories, and I can certainly relate!