Friday, March 6, 2009

Vitamin M (and M)

Because our children will only eat wagon wheel pasta, their pediatrician tells us we need to supplement their diet with some good old fashioned vitamins. So, being the dutiful parents that we are, we headed out to the store and picked up some Flintstones straight away.

The kids looooooooove their Flintstones. Each morning they gather around me like baby birds, squawking and hopping around excitedly as I dole out their one vitamin each.

Except this morning, I opened the little Flintstones bottle and realized there were only two vitamins left.

Two vitamins.

For three kids.

Three kids who loooooooooove their vitamins.

I didn't have to do the sugar math to know that that's a bad combination. (Although technically speaking, there is less than 1 g of sugar in each vitamin...I checked).

Owen was the slowest bird of the bunch this morning, so I handed out the two vitamins to Ashley and Aidan and crossed my fingers that he didn't notice.

But he did notice.

He noticed BIG TIME. And he was highly displeased about it (and by "displeased", I mean "seriously pissed off").

But then, I spotted the bag of M&M's on the counter behind me.

I have a feeling there is not less than 1 g of sugar in each m&m (I didn't check).

Oh well. Owen didn't seem to mind.

Don't tell their pediatrician. ;-)


Anonymous said...

But come on, those things are yummy. I'd be pissed too. Why can't adult vitamins be that damn good?

Megan said...

They are yummy! I've been known to sneak a Flintstone or two, I must admit. Which probably explains why we were a vitamin short that morning. Oh well! ;-)