Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Tale of the Missing Sippy Cup

We've gone through a lot of sippy cups in this household.

Some were thrown away after all the BPA brouhaha.

Others were discarded for controversial gender identity reasons.

Some started collecting dishwater debris build-up in their nooks and crannies.

And some were just never fan-favorites with the kids.

But recently, we struck GOLD on a sippy cup purchase. All the kids loved these cups - and we loved them too. They were easy to clean, easy to open, not too big, not too small, etc. etc. These sippy cups were literally top drawer (Side note: We actually did keep them in the top drawer. Don't you just love it when your literallies work correctly? I do!)

Anyhoo, these sippies were fabulous.

But then one of the kids (I'm not naming any names, but his/her name does begin with a vowel, just sayin'), LOST one of the precious cups. We cannot find it anywhere. Which is odd, considering we are pretty confident it was full of milk at the time of the losing.

Because we have not found (or smelled) the missing cup in over a week, Scott headed out to the store to buy replacement sippies. Why did we need to buy replacement sippies for all the cups when only one was lost, you ask?

Well, there are a few implications to having 3 kids so close in age to each other....(i) none of them are rational yet; (ii) they're all still working on the concept of sharing; and (iii) they all have eyes, and if they see their sibling drinking out of a different type of cup, they freak because they want that cup instead. It gets old.

So replacement cups needed to be purchased. But Scott could not find any glorious top drawer sippies to put back into our top drawer. Apparently our favorite sippies must have contained BPA or whatever the new nefarious chemical of the day is, because they have disappeared from the shelves of both our local Wal-Mart and Target.

So Scott picked up some new sippies.

And these sippies suck.

First of all, they have pop-off lids. Which are incredibly hard to open. The other night I tried to give the kids milk with dinner, and I about gave myself an aneurysm trying to pop off the lids. Then when you pop the lid back on, the milk you've just filled it up with gleeks all over you due to some crazy sippy cup vacuum force.

Second, Scott promised Ashley that the yellow sippy would be hers and hers alone, which about caused a mutiny when I gave up after popping two lids and handed the yellow sippy off to Aidan and tried to sneak Ashley a big girl cup.

Third, these sippies are way too small. The boys chugged their milk down in no time flat, and tried to hand them back to me for a refill almost immediately even though I was still recovering from the first pop-off attempt.

So I'm done with these sippies. This weekend it's big kid cups or bust (or another trip to Wal-Mart, at least).


Anonymous said...

Wait, you go on and on about a sippy cup and then you don’t share which sippy cup it is? I need a brand name. Please! ;)

Megan said...

I don't know...but I'm guessing Gerber!?!? This is the problem with having a SAHD for a husband...he buys the stuff and I have NO clue where he got it from, and of course he instantaneously forgets the minute the cashier swipes his card. All I know is they were pink, green and yellow and PERFECT in every way. *sigh*