Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Summer Day...

So I'm out of town again, for work.

This time, the firm let me shack up at a Marriott. And it has free wireless internet! And a BIG television in the room!

But in fairness to B&B's, I must point out that this particular Marriott does not have the fox network on its channel lineup, so I cannot confirm or deny whether Ryan Seacrest had a good hair day on American Idol. Bummer.

I called home today and talked to the kids.

Ashley said to me, "Mommy, will you be my mommy forever and ever and ever?"

That made my day.

I'm sure the twins said something equally as sweet, but considering it was in monkey-language I probably just didn't catch it.

I go home tomorrow and I can't wait.

(But I will miss the big tv).

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