Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All Aboard the Separation Anxiety Train

Remember this post where I said I was leaving for work every day by 6:30 am? Yeah, I'm not doing that anymore. Daylight saving time put a quick stop to that bit of temporary responsibility, thank you very much.

So now I'm back to my typical frantic morning rush of getting myself out the door with three children constantly underfoot. I don't mind it at all, actually - I love seeing my little hooligans bright and early in the day, when they're still well-rested, happy and relatively clean. (According to Scott, this phase does not last very long.)

By the time I finally announce my departure, the kids are usually seated at the kitchen table, munching away on eggo waffles or whatever the current breakfast item of the day is, with Scott loitering by the coffee pot silently willing it to brew faster.

That's when the protests start.

Ashely has gotten pretty easy to deal with...she and I have a little routine set of action steps that must be completed before she lets me out of her sight. Unfortunately, the routine keeps getting longer and longer. I'm a bit worried about the OCD tendencies of it all, but bygones. Right now, we're up to (1) a kiss, (2) a hug, (3) a pat on the head, (4) a rub on the back, (5) a handshake, and most recently added to the mix, (6) a dance. As long as she doesn't add sit-ups or anything like that, we're all good.

Aidan is easy to say goodbye to most mornings. A quick kiss and a "bye-bye!" is all this boy needs, for the time being, at least.

Owen, on the other hand, is a sneaky little fellow. He gets his kiss, just like Aidan, but then throws a fit when I start to walk away. He hops off his chair, grabs my hand, and won't let go for dear life.

So I started a new routine with him the other day - I let him walk me to the door while holding his hand. Seriously, am I a genius or what?

Don't answer that.

Because instead of me just abandoning him in the kitchen surrounded by his daddy and siblings, my new plan resulted in me having to pry my hand out of his and basically shut the door in his face as I left. Lovely parenting skills, no?

Anyway, I learned from my mistake this morning. Instead of just Owen walking me to the door this morning, Ashley and Aidan jumped in, too, forming a little "goodbye train" moving at toddler speed, with Scott as the caboose. When we got to the door, I derailed and Scott led the train back to the kitchen.

And nobody got upset. Apparently acting like a train is way cooler than hanging on to mommy. Whatever works.

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Anonymous said...

The things we do to keep from hearing screams and seeing tears.