Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is a Highway

So, Aidan and Owen went and turned two years old on me when I wasn't looking.

We bought them these bad boys to commemorate the occasion...

(By "bad boys", I mean the motorcycles. I'm sure the models in the picture are perfectly lovely little boys. And plus that would be weird if I bought little boys for a birthday present. Although the twins could use some friends, I guess.)

Scott and I were smart and assembled the motorcycles the night before the twins' birthday so they could start scooting around on them at first sight. All right, fine...Scott put them together all by himself. BUT, it was my idea to do it. I'm the brains and he's the muscle behind this operation. Together we're unstoppable!

The boys loved them....and so did Ashley, poor thing. Unfortunately for her, she was relegated to the role of traffic cop until the boys got distracted by the birthday waffles we made for them. (Don't be impressed...making "birthday waffles" around these parts consists of saying "Happy Birthday!" while we toast an Eggo waffle).

Sorry the picture is blurry...I was going for the "speed demon blur effect" like the advertisement above and ended up with "Boy, this girl doesn't know how to use the manual functions on her camera now, does she?"

I can't believe my baby boys are two years old already!! They're growing up so fast I can barely keep up. It's a good thing they don't scoot very fast least I can still keep up with their motorcycles.

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