Saturday, February 7, 2009

62 Degrees of Separation

62 degrees!!!!

On Saturday?

In February?


The kids and I played outside all morning long. Well, they played. I just laid on the grass in the sunlight and soaked up as much Vitamin D as possible. We've been cooped up inside so much this winter that I thought we were all going to get scurvy. Or is it rickets? Off to wikipedia...


Well, we got ourselves nice and rickets-proofed today, so that's a relief.

Other notable events from the morning:

  • Owen climbed up the ladder on the playset all by himself for the first time ever! Go Owen!
  • Aidan can now run down the hill in the backyard without falling flat on his face! Go Aidan!
  • Ashley didn't dump sand from the sandbox over either twin's head today! Go Ashley!
  • I learned I can get everyone back inside without any tantrums if I bribe them with potato chips! Go Mommy!

But it will be cold again tomorrow. Boo, Sunday.

1 comment:

Red said...

hehe, you made me giggle with this post. rickets indeed :P