Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To Love a Blackberry

In real life, I am a lawyer. And thus, I own a blackberry.

I loooooove my blackberry. It's compact, and shiny, and I can use it to call people, get on the internet, send text messages, or play sudoku anytime I want as long as I am located somewhere within the verizon wireless network. Which is everywhere.

Oh yeah, and I occasionally check work e-mails on it too.

But back to the important stuff...enjoying the non-work benefits of blackberry ownership. Some people (*cough* Scott *cough*) may say I'm addicted to the thing. Well, maybe he's right. I do tend to panic when I can't track it down in the morning before I leave for work. And I've been known to whip it out whenever there's a greater than 5 minute lull in conversation between us. And maybe I do sleep with it under my pillow on occasion (but only when Scott's out of town). So yes, maybe I do love my blackberry a little too much.

But I am not alone in my blackberry obsession. There are two little guys in my house who love the thing even more than I do. And those two little guys are named Aidan and Owen.

Hoo boy, do their eyes light up when they catch sight of my blackberry! They love to click the little buttons, roll the little track wheel, ooh and aah over the backlight that flashes on and off with the constant button pushing, hold the thing up to their ears and say "Hey-yo!" (toddler to English translation: hello), etc. But because they love it so, they tend to get insanely possessive when I try to take it back from them.

And apparently, possessiveness in almost-two-year-olds manifests itself in an attempt to destroy the current object of their affection. One minute they will be lovingly caressing and clicking away on the blackberry, then I start to panic that they've somehow managed to unlock it and are curently sending e-mails from me to my entire firm saying nothing but "ljakjdfkjajl;jsdljfsljflksjlkdsjfsjfsljf," and when I try to gently take it back from them they freak out and throw the poor little thing across the room while I silently scream "NOOOO!!"

Hmm, maybe I am too attached to it.

So needless to say, my blackberry is very banged up. It's got a crack down the screen, the clicker on the track wheel no longer works, and there are various dents and chips embedded into the exterior.

So why do I let them play with my blackberry even though they continually attempt to destroy it, you ask?

That's easy. It's because my children outnumber me. And because I'm a slow learner. And also because when this blackberry finally bites it, I get to trade it in for an even shinier, newer, more dazzling blackberry!

Ah, love is fickle.

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Red said...

ROFL!! very cute. I call rob's blackberry his "crackberry". addictive little sucker.