Monday, January 26, 2009

Overheard on the Baby Monitor

Ashley's bedroom is right next door to the twins' room. Which can lead to some interesting conversations via hollering when everybody should instead be sleeping:

Random Twin (sorry - I can't tell who's who on the baby monitor. I'm not perfect, people!): AAAHH!

Ashley: Go to bed, babies!!!

Random Twin: Ah-gay! (toddler to English translation: Okay!)

Ashley: Babies! It's sleepy time!

Random Twin: Ah-gay!


Random Twin: Ah-gay!

Ashley: BABIES!

Random Twin: Ah-gay!

Ashley: GO TO BED!!

Random Twin: Ah-gay!

Ashley: Hey, babies! Banana kichen!

Random Twin: Ha ha ha ha!

Ashley: Ha ha ha ha...banana kitchen!

All: AAAHH!!!!!!!

I'm not sure what a banana kitchen is, but apparently the phrase makes my children band together to boycott bedtime as a single vocal unit. Darnit...I was enjoying having Ashley as my second-in-command, too. My vocal cords need a rest.

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Red said...

LOL!!! that's hilarious :D