Sunday, December 28, 2008

What I Do When I Should Be Working

So this year, I wasn't very prepared for Christmas. Granted, I'm never prepared for Christmas, but this year I was really bad. What can I say, it's been a crazy month.

So due to my lack of preparedness, I had to go out to Target the day before Christmas Eve and pick up the last few odds and ends on my Christmas shopping list (and by "odds and ends," I mean "presents for everybody").

Luckily though, Scott had already taken care of most of the big gift shopping for our kids, so the only thing I had on my list for them was stocking stuffers. Sounds easy, right? (Please. If you've learned anything about me by now from reading this blog, it's that I never make anything in my life easy).

So, my first stop was the Target dollar aisle. Ooh, I was sure to find plenty of cheapo doodads there that would be perfect for my little chicklets' stockings! (well, perfect if you ignore the ever-present choking hazard risk stamped on every dollar-item's packaging, that is). But crap, the dollar aisle was filled with Valentine's Day merchandise already! Which I could've worked to my advantage for Ashley's stocking, but not so much with the boys (although on the other hand, heart-stamped bobby socks would look awfully cute on Owen). Plus, I was still naive enough to think that there would be PLENTY of cheapo stocking stuffers throughout Target just waiting to be found, so I scoffed at the idea of limiting myself to Valentine's Day paraphernalia just yet.

Well, to make a long story short(er), I had a hell of a time finding stocking stuffers. I found a few gems for Ashley in the toy aisle, but hardly anything for the boys. Apparently, the "almost two" age is a very difficult present-buying age. Anything small and cheap I could find was for kids way younger than two, or else presented the aforementioned choking hazard risk.

So I ended up getting desperate and buying the boys things that were either (i) too expensive (fake cell-phone that can record a person's voice); (ii) too noisy (plastic flutes); or (iii) could be used as weapons (plastic flutes again). I know this because once I got home and showed Scott my purchases, he looked at me and said "No." and then put half of my loot in a "to be returned" pile.

Oh well, I tried.

But anyway, to get to the point of this blog post (yes, there is an actual point! I swear!), one of my purchases that escaped the "to be returned" pile and actually made it into the boys' stockings were these little M&M container thingies.

Cute, huh? The kids loved them...although we didn't let them open them up on Christmas morning since it was 7:30 am and that is too early for chocolate, even in my book.

So anyway, they've just been sitting around on our kitchen counter until tonight, when I suddenly got a craving for chocolate. I thought about it for awhile...stealing your kids' Christmas chocolate? When they hardly got anything in their stockings anyway due to my poor shopping skills? Do I really want to be "that parent"?

And I decided, yes, I'm okay with that. So I cracked open one of the Mr. M&M guys by removing his cute little santa hat, downed all the m&m's, put him down and then about jumped out of my skin when I later saw him looking at me from the arm of my couch:

Yikes!! Is it just me, or is that one scary looking M&M guy??!! Who knew that the Santa hat could make such a difference.

The evil eyebrows, the crazy don't want to mess around with non-santa hat m&m guy. Maybe the m&m company made him look scary on purpose to ward off evil parents who steal their kids' Christmas candy. Sheesh. Well it worked on me...I'm done with m&m's, for this Christmas season at least.

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