Friday, December 19, 2008

Twin Gladiators

I witnessed the most hilarious twinfight the other day, and oh, how I wish I captured it on video. I could've made a million dollars on America's Funniest Home Videos with it (is that show even still on?). Yes, it was that funny (then again, I don't remember the videos on that show being that funny, so maybe scratch that). It was so funny I could've posted it on youtube and gotten a bunch of hits on it before I panicked that it was too public and taken it down. Yeah, it was that funny.

Well, maybe now I'm building it up too much, especially since I'm going to have to describe it without video assistance. Oh well, here goes nothing...

So, I'm getting all 3 kids ready for bed in our upstairs hallway, when Twin #1 (I can't quite remember which one, so I'm just going to randomly assign the role of Twin #1 to Aidan. They are identical, after all.) scampered off into his room to grab his (i) lovey, and (ii) binky. Then he trotted back into the hallway all pleased with himself, until Twin #2 (i.e., Owen, for those of you who need a little help), spied Aidan's newly acquired treasure and decided it was a perfect time for a rousing game of "Capture the Lovey."

Except this time, Owen didn't sucessfully capture the lovey...he got both hands on it, but Aidan wasn't going down this time without a fight. Therefore, an intense tug-of-war started, which generally involved the twins dragging each other back and forth across the hallway with the lovey stretched between them while Owen hollered and Aidan happily (and quietly) sucked away on his binky.

Owen, naturally, was upset as all get-out that he could not get the lovey away from Aidan. So his hollering turned to wailing. And what does Owen want when he wails? Yep, you guessed it....his binky. And where is the closest available binky when you're engaged in a lovey tug-of-war with your twin brother? Yep, you guessed it again...your twin brother's mouth!

So Owen let one hand off the lovey, reached over and snatched the binky from Aidan's mouth and popped it in his own, still tugging away on the lovey with his other hand. Now, of course, Aidan got he let one hand off his side of the lovey, reached over, and grabbed the binky out of Owen's mouth.

Can you see where this is going?

For the next 5 minutes, I watched the most hilarious lovey tug-of-war/binky stealing episode I'd ever seen...wail, snatch, plop, wail, snatch, plop...back and forth across the hallway, into their room, into Ashley's room, into the bathroom, etc. etc.

And don't think I'm a mean old mom for letting it go on, because once the twins realized how hard I was laughing, it changed to wail, snatch, giggle, plop, wail, snatch, giggle, plop.

They do love to make their mama laugh!

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red said...

oh my gosh, that sounds so freaking cute!!

How did I not know you have a blog?