Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun at the Zoo

Ooh, I am TIRED. We had a nice, long, busy, busy, busy weekend. But it was fun. Today we took all the kids to the zoo for a picnic with my parents and my brother's family. It was a GORGEOUS day and the kids did GREAT. Seriously, I had such a good time. It was a really good family pick-me-up day.

The place was totally deserted, since I think everyone else in town was off picking apples or at the pumpkin patch or raking leaves or doing other fall-themed activities. It was SO awesome having the place almost entirely to ourselves. I felt much more free to let Ashley run around and explore without having to worry about losing her in the crowd.

I was super brave and went with everybody to see the new butterfly exhibit...I was SO proud of myself. Have I ever written about the time I made Scott take me to the butterfly house before we had kids?? Yes, I thought it would be all romantic and beautiful...butterflies floating around, etc. etc. Well, I basically FREAKED OUT in there. Butterflies are bugs. And I don't like bugs, which I guess I kind of forgot about. Anyway, this time I freaked out a little bit but I still made it through okay, although I did have to close my eyes a couple of times.

Damn, some of those butterflies were HUGE. And UGLY.

I love our's so cool. This is a shot of the indoor jungle area...all these waterfalls, trails, and random animals around. I love it. Although I apparently managed to get no random animals in this picture. Huh.

Oh, well here are some parrots.

Moving on from the jungle, we headed to the aquarium. Here's Ashley and her cousin checking out some fish. They have these big bubble insert things kids can crawl into and every time Ashley went into one she would say "I'm going to outerspace, now!" Ha!

Here's a close-up of my husband, Scott... Isn't he cute?

Ha ha ha. Seriously though, this orangutan was hilarious! He (or she?) was totally interacting with the crowd, blowing raspberries, doing tricks, clapping for himself (herself?). So cute. And really made me feel kinda guilty that he (she?) was all locked up for our viewing pleasure, even though it is a great zoo and a really well-kept roomy exhibit.

We then proceeded to have a picnic lunch...but we got stalked by aggressive peacocks the whole time. Yikes! Those birds mean business.

Ashley was a little freaked out when they all converged on her dropped peanut butter and jelly sandwich...

Here's Ashley chillin' with a polar bear...can't believe how close he was hanging out to the window!

Anyway, we had a great time! Can't wait to head out there again soon.

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