Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Salon des Deux

Scott took the twins to get their hair cut the other day, all by himself. And he also brought Ashley with him. So yes, he is officially SuperDad. Or else he's just crazy.

But the boys were in DIRE need of a haircut, so it had to be done. Aidan had this crazy cyclone mullet thing going on....one of my friends dubbed it "The Tornaiden". And Owen was super shaggy, so he needed a trim too. I was really bummed that I missed it being a working mom and all, but the haircut place took pictures of the event so that helped.

Scott said that Aidan did fantastic...but I don't know, he looks pretty p.o.'d to me in the pictures below.

Oh well, he sure looks handsome! Owen, on the other hand, FREAKED the whole time, according to Scott. But he survived.

A hug from daddy makes it all better.

Then, since Ashley had been so good for the boys' haircuts, Scott decided to spring for a $5 manicure for her. Yes, apparently you can start mani/pedi's as early as 3 years old. Who knew? Ashley picked out some hot pink polish + a glitter topcoat, and was very patient through the whole mani process. When I got home from work she told me all about how her fingers "took a bath, mommy!" and how she had to put her hands on her "knees, mommy! Not my legs!" to let them dry.

I'm tempted to head out there myself...a $5 mani, what a steal.

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