Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 Things I Learned This Week

1. That the backpack on Dora the Explorer is a girl. Say what?? Backpack totally sounds like a dude to me, but whatever. Speaking of Backpack, does anybody else get annoyed that when Dora selects whatever object she wants from backpack, it comes flying in from offscreen instead of out of the actual backpack? Drives me crazy every time. Apparently I've been watching too much Dora lately.

2. That when Ashley says she put "just two wipes, mommy" in the potty, she really means "just thirty wipes, mommy." Oh well, at least she's pooping on the potty now! I'd rather plunge a few toilets than still have to change her diapers, so I'm over it.

3. That my minivan can go for at least 30 more miles after the low gas light turns on. Thank God for that BP in Glendale, IA. It showed up just in the nick of time.

4. That teaching your daughter how to press the button to open those automated handicap doors may be a good thing when you're dragging all your kids into the pediatrician's office and don't have a free hand available, but is a really, really bad thing when you're leaving the pediatrician's office and said daughter can now easily escape the building while you're still trying to lug her two little brothers out of the exam area.

5. That fancy goldfish do not like to have the water in their aquariums changed while they sit in a purple mixing bowl filled with tap water. R.I.P. Glub Glub.

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