Sunday, September 28, 2008

All About Aidan

One of my favorite things about Aidan...

...are his chubby baby cheeks. They are the chubbiest cheeks I think I've ever seen.

They're so chubby that they jiggle when he runs.

As crazy as it can be with all these little kids running around, sometimes it's the smallest thing that can bring me so much joy. And sometimes it's the chubbiest.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Salon des Deux

Scott took the twins to get their hair cut the other day, all by himself. And he also brought Ashley with him. So yes, he is officially SuperDad. Or else he's just crazy.

But the boys were in DIRE need of a haircut, so it had to be done. Aidan had this crazy cyclone mullet thing going of my friends dubbed it "The Tornaiden". And Owen was super shaggy, so he needed a trim too. I was really bummed that I missed it being a working mom and all, but the haircut place took pictures of the event so that helped.

Scott said that Aidan did fantastic...but I don't know, he looks pretty p.o.'d to me in the pictures below.

Oh well, he sure looks handsome! Owen, on the other hand, FREAKED the whole time, according to Scott. But he survived.

A hug from daddy makes it all better.

Then, since Ashley had been so good for the boys' haircuts, Scott decided to spring for a $5 manicure for her. Yes, apparently you can start mani/pedi's as early as 3 years old. Who knew? Ashley picked out some hot pink polish + a glitter topcoat, and was very patient through the whole mani process. When I got home from work she told me all about how her fingers "took a bath, mommy!" and how she had to put her hands on her "knees, mommy! Not my legs!" to let them dry.

I'm tempted to head out there myself...a $5 mani, what a steal.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Today's Tally:

Diapers Changed: 8

Tantrums: I lost count around 10:30 a.m.

Naps Taken: 0

Vases Shattered: 1

Margaritas for Mommy: 1.5

Kids Cherishing the Last Few Days of Summer:

Three. Somehow they make it all worth it. :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 Things I Learned This Week

1. That the backpack on Dora the Explorer is a girl. Say what?? Backpack totally sounds like a dude to me, but whatever. Speaking of Backpack, does anybody else get annoyed that when Dora selects whatever object she wants from backpack, it comes flying in from offscreen instead of out of the actual backpack? Drives me crazy every time. Apparently I've been watching too much Dora lately.

2. That when Ashley says she put "just two wipes, mommy" in the potty, she really means "just thirty wipes, mommy." Oh well, at least she's pooping on the potty now! I'd rather plunge a few toilets than still have to change her diapers, so I'm over it.

3. That my minivan can go for at least 30 more miles after the low gas light turns on. Thank God for that BP in Glendale, IA. It showed up just in the nick of time.

4. That teaching your daughter how to press the button to open those automated handicap doors may be a good thing when you're dragging all your kids into the pediatrician's office and don't have a free hand available, but is a really, really bad thing when you're leaving the pediatrician's office and said daughter can now easily escape the building while you're still trying to lug her two little brothers out of the exam area.

5. That fancy goldfish do not like to have the water in their aquariums changed while they sit in a purple mixing bowl filled with tap water. R.I.P. Glub Glub.