Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Did you know that 25% of identical twins are what they call "mirror-image" twins? Rather than being exactly identical, these twins are mirror-opposites of each other. So one twin might have a mole on his right arm, and the other twin has a mole in the same spot on his left arm. One twin might be left-handed, while the other one is right-handed. Interesting, no?

Top 10 Reasons Why I Think the Boys are Mirror-Image Twins

10. Aidan loves carrots, while Owen loves peas.

9. They got their bottom teeth in opposite order. Maybe the top ones too, but I got tired of counting by then. Don't judge me please, that's a lot of teeth to remember.

8. When I get home from work at the end of the day, Aidan always clutches on to my right leg for dear life while Owen prefers my left.

7. When they rolled over for the first time, they each went in opposite directions.

6. When Owen is happy, Aidan is crabby. When Aidan is happy, Owen is crabby. It's lovely (not).

5. Aidan likes to put blocks into containers. Owen likes to take blocks out of containers and then throw them over our second floor balcony. If you happen to stop by unannounced, make sure you watch out for flying objects.

4. Aidan loves to go down the slide on our playset, while Owen freaks out. But Owen does like to climb the stairs, which Aidan will not.

3. When it's time to brush their teeth at night, Aidan climbs up onto the stool in front of the sink, while Owen instead goes and climbs into the bathtub (okay, maybe that one's a stretch, but it makes me laugh that he will only let me brush his teeth in the tub. Apparently he's concerned about spittle and toothpaste flying around, or something).

2. Owen loooooooves ice cream, but isn't that interested in cake. Aidan tolerates ice cream, but looooooooves cake. I know this because we attend far too many birthday parties.

1. Their hair parts in opposite directions. At least it does when their dad doesn't buzz their hair so much that you can't tell (must remember to unplug the hair clippers that are currently charging).

We'll know for sure once they start showing a right/left hand preference, but until then I'm pretty convinced. ;-)

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