Friday, August 29, 2008

Cute Stuff

My little ones have been all full of the cute, lately:


Scott won out on the "Great Birthday Goldfish Debate of 2008". So Ashley got a goldfish for her birthday. She named it Glub Glub. Because that's what a fish says, duh mommy.


Aidan has been sweet as sugar lately. Oh my word, he just melts my heart Yesterday, he was playing with Ashley's tea set and Owen came up and tried to wrestle away the teapot. Usually Aidan loses out in these twin fights and then just sits down and cries. He's definitely my delicate flower. But yesterday, he stood up for himself and wouldn't let Owen take it (granted, he then hightailed it behind me in case Owen decided to go for Round 2). Of course, Owen then proceeded to FREAK OUT that he hadn't been able to commandeer said teapot. So I looked down at Aidan and said "How bad do you really want it, buddy?" And he looked at me, then looked at the teapot, and then walked back over to Owen and gave it to him. OH MY GOD, my flipping sweet is he?


Owen is usually my little rascal. Oooh, that one's got spirit. I was telling Scott about the teapot story above and we talked about how Owen's just not that nice to his brother and is always stealing toys and what not. But apparently Owen overheard me talking smack, because later that night Aidan had a little meltdown when I wouldn't hand him my blackberry to throw on the floor play with. Aidan started bawling and put his head down on my lap, and Owen dropped whatever he was doing and walked across the room and picked up Aidan's lovey to bring to him. Oh my gosh, the sweetness....I just wanted to scoop him and cover him with kisses for knowing his bro needed a little extra TLC.

Thank God it's Friday so I can soak up the cuteness this weekend!

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