Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Classic Olympic Moment

Ashley and I have been watching the Olympics a lot. Surprisingly, she loves them. She hasn't even asked for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in about a week.

This weekend we were watching Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh play sand volleyball, and Ashley points to the tv and goes "That's my mommies!!!" (Apparently, having identical twins as brothers gets you nervous that you may have a second mommy pop up at any given moment).

Hey, I don't mind at all if my daughter mistakes me for either of these two ladies. Since my twinbelly will never see the light of day in a bikini, I'm thrilled that my three year old naively thinks I could pull it off.

Then, the other night we were watching women's synchronized platform diving, and Ashley points to the tv and goes "That's my daddies!!"

Somehow I don't think Scott will be quite as thrilled that he was mistaken for a couple of chinese teenage girls. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Response from the momdy.

This one is easy to explain. The reason she thinks she has two mommies and two daddies is because she is used to seeing double due to the fact that she bounces off walls, furniture, brothers, and anything else that gets in her path. Basically the same result that adults get from drinking a few too many. She obviously confused the two beautiful volleyball players as her mommies because her mother is equally as beautiful. Now as far as Daddy looking Chinese, that is easy to explain. For one I am usually tired all day and night so the squinty eyes need no more explanation. The sport that involves water can be explained by the tears that can be found pouring out of my “Calgon, take me away” eyes. The platform is most likely contributed to the fact that I am always tripping over children and toys. And the gold medal is due to the fact that even though dad is from another world (or country in this situation); daddy is the best daddy in her eyes. I told you there was an easy explanation.

MP said...

When we were watching the diving Leo asked "Who are those girls?" every time a new couple took to the platform.

Except for the Chinese girls.

"Who are those guys?"
"Those are girls"
"Oh. Who are those guys?"