Sunday, July 13, 2008


I officially witnessed "twinspeak" for the first time this weekend...

Don't get me wrong...the twins have chatted with each other before. They've definitely had screeching contests, and I do remember one lengthy discussion about a ball that went something like this:

Aidan: Ball.

Owen: Ball.

Aidan: Ball.

Owen: Ball.

You get the point. And other times, they will repeatedly say the word "heh" back and forth to each other. But up until now, I've never seen them actually communicate with each other.

Anyways, we were outside playing, and Owen decided he wanted to walk up the hill in our backyard. Now the hill is not a place they normally venture, since they tend to freak out if their mommy is more than 6.5 feet away from them. And since their mommy likes to sit on the patio chair when she's outside, under the shade and sipping a Diet Coke, being fanned by the pergola ceiling fan, she's usually nowhere near the hill. But apparently, Owen was feeling brave on Saturday morning and decided to check it out.

Now Aidan on the other hand was busy being my "good helper." Aidan LOVES to help. He loves to sweep with his little broom, vacuum with his toy vacuum, put toys away, stir things in pots, close the cabinet doors that Owen just opened, close the drawers that Owen just opened, etc. So this morning, Aidan was outside on the back patio within a 6.5 foot radius of his mommy, holding the hose in one of the flower pots. Now the hose wasn't on....but since Aidan is a "good helper", he had the hose ready to go just in case mommy decided those flowers needed watering.

So Owen's at the hill, and Aidan's at the flower pots. Then I hear Owen say:

Owen: Heh.

Aidan looks over his shoulder, sees Owen, and replies...

Aidan: Heh.

Owen, growing a little more insistent now: Heh.

So Aidan drops the hose and walks over towards Owen. Now Owen gets all excited, like "yeah, my brother's coming!" so he starts booking it up the hill. And of course Aidan can't get there in time, so he's kind of stumbling around trying to figure out which way Owen went. By this time, Owen realizes Aidan's not following, so he comes back down the hill. He sees Aidan, they exchange a couple more "heh's", and then they both head off together up the hill.

It's so hard to explain....but it was like they just knew what the other one wanted them to do. No words other than "heh" were exchanged, but it was clear that Owen wanted Aidan to go with him, and Aidan went because Owen wanted him to (and also because hills are apparently super cool when you're a 17.5 month old boy).

It was really one of the first times I've seen them act like brothers. Usually they look to me when they want to see something or share something was really quite amazing to see them look for that in each other.

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