Tuesday, July 1, 2008

If you can't pinch 'em....

Aidan and Owen FINALLY hit 20 pounds, so we recently turned their carseats around to face forward. Let me tell you, it's quite a challenge to fit three convertible carseats next to each other in the back of a vehicle, even a vehicle as gargantuan as Scott's Chevy Avalanche.

But we managed to squeeze them all in there. I know that rear-facing is technically safer than forward-facing, but I'm pretty sure that none of those carseat tests were ever conducted while sitting next to my little miss Ashley. You see, Ashley....is a pathological carseat pincher. Yes, that's right. If you sit next to her while she's strapped in a carseat, she will repeatedly pinch you until you start crying like a little girl.

I didn't really discover my daughter's pinching tendencies until the boys were born, and we started having to squish all the carseats in a row. We'd be driving around peacefully, thinking everyone was sound asleep...when all of a sudden we'd hear shrieking from the backseat and turn around to find Ashley pinching the hell out of whichever brother was unlucky enough to be seated next to her.

Try as we might, we couldn't seem to stop the pinching incidents. Threats of time-out, positive discipline, negative discipline....nothing seemed to work. Apparently those chubby baby legs right within pincher finger reach were just too tempting for Ashley to resist.

So I was very excited to have them all face forward, naively thinking that Ashley wouldn't be as tempted to pinch if she had to reach over to the side and couldn't easily see her brothers' facial reactions. But oh, how wrong I was.

The other day when we were all driving home from somewhere or other, I heard the sound of a familiar shriek coming from Aidan in the backseat. I whipped around in my seat and said:

Me: Ashley, did you pinch your brother?

Ashley: Noooooo....

Aidan: Waaaaaah!!!!!!!

Me: Ashley, no pinch! We don't pinch our brothers!

Ashley: Ash-ee no pinch brudder, mommy! Ash-ee eat him!

It was only at that moment that I saw the teeth mark dents in poor little Aidan's finger. Well, crap. Pinching vs. biting....maybe rear-facing really is safer.

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