Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Go Jump in a Lake

So we took the kids out to their great-grandma's lake house this weekend... Ashley and I were strolling along the beach, when she pointed to the middle of the lake and said:

Ashley: I want to go dere, Mommy!!!

Me: Ashley, you can't go there, that's the middle of the lake!

Ashley: No Mommy, Ash-ee go DERE!

And then she made a run for it. Luckily I had her by the hand, but she still ended up in a time-out over the ensuing struggle...

Ooh, if looks could kill... She was so MAD at us. But she paid us back later that night when we let her out in the backyard. We had told her she could play in her sandbox, but she headed straight to her pool and jumped in, fully clothed. It's no lake, but apparently it will do in a pinch.

You gotta love that free spirit.

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