Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Twins at the Gym

Sooooo, Scott finally ventured out to the gym this week!! WITH the kids!!! Of course, all he did was plunk them in the daycare, but I'm so extremely excited that he got away from them for a little bit.

LOL. Is it sad that I want my husband to get away from our kids??? Oh well.

So their first stop was at the front desk, so Scott could get photo's taken of the kids for their gym identification cards. I'm not sure why children under the age of 3 need photo ID cards, but I guess it's a good thing to have in case we ever lose one of them there. I mean, it really is a big gym.

So, Scott gets Ashley all ready for her close-up and they snap the picture. Then he wrangles Owen out of the double stroller while keeping one hand on Ashley so Owen can get his picture done. Then he takes one look at Aidan still sitting happily in the stroller, looks back at Owen, and says to himself....gee, this is one of those times that having identical twins comes in really handy. So Owen posed for Aidan's photo ID card as well.

Then off they went to the daycare. I was very nervous about how it would go. I knew Ashley would be fine, but the boys are incredibly shy and have never been in a daycare situation before. I thought for sure they'd freak out and our genius plan of joining the gym to get Scott some child-free moments during the week would backfire on us. What's worse than no child-free time during the week, you ask? No child-free time plus a $100 monthly gym fee, that's what.

As expected, Ashley ran right on into the daycare as soon as she saw a bunch of kids running around playing tag (or as she calls it, "tagyourit"). No problems there. The boys of course were more cautious...Scott said Owen held on to him for dear life when they first walked in, but Aidan was actually pretty brave.

I was worried about how Owen would deal, but luckily he doesn't like to call attention to himself when he's in freakout mode....he doesn't cry or scream or throw a fit if you hand him to someone else. Instead, he gets very, very quiet and does what we call "the turtle." He curls up tight against you, lays his head down on your shoulder and goes into his "I'm not here right now, la la la!" mode.

Unfortunately for Owen, people go apeshit over "the turtle", because it involves quiet snuggly baby time. The more terrified Owen gets, the more people ooh and ahh over him and want to hold him and carry him around and take him home with them. There is nothing in the world people love more than a very quiet, snuggly baby. Well, maybe some people love other things more than that, but quiet snuggly babies are really high up there.

Anyhoo, Scott left all the kids at the daycare and proceeded to have the girliest day ever at the gym. Did he go swim laps, or lift weights, or play racquetball, or work out???? Nope. He went and got a haircut. And then he went and ate a wrap at the cafe. I'm surprised he didn't get a pedicure. But at least he got a little break from the kids!

When he went back to pick them up, both the boys were asleep. WTF??? They won't nap at home, but they'll sleep at the gym daycare?! Weirdos. Of course, I guess it's possible that they just passed out from fright.

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