Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Slanty Pergola Strikes Back

Sooooooo.....Scott called me at work today.

Me: Hello?

Scott: Do you want to hear something that will make you laugh?

Me: Sure!! (oh, how naive I am)

Scott: Well.....I built the pergola wrong.

Me: You are effin' kidding me.

Scott: Ha ha ha....no.

Me: What's wrong with it?

Scott: Well, when I put the header up I used the mark I made for the top measurement when I should have used the bottom one.

Me: What does that mean?

Scott: It means it's slanty.

Damn that slanty pergola!!! I cannot escape it.

Only this time, it's not even slanty in the right direction. Yes people, that means it's slanting back towards the house. So now when it rains there will be a nice little slope for the water to run straight into our family room. Lovely!!

Luckily Scott says this is an easy fix and he just needs to track down some poor, unwitting soul to help him hold the header up so he can move it. I believe him, but I'm not so sure we've escaped the slanty pergola for good. I mean, we haven't covered all possible slanty directions yet. So far we have away from the house and towards the house, but we still haven't covered any sideways slants. Or who knows, I wouldn't put it past Scott to figure out how to do a diagonal slant...he is that talented of a carpenter.

But all things considered, I'm really glad he figured it out now rather than when the whole flipping thing had been built. Otherwise I think I would have been stuck with my slanty pergola forever.

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