Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Owen the Hero

My little Owen is a hero...

On Saturday night at around 2:00 in the morning, Mr. Owen woke me up from a dead sleep crying about something or other. So I stumbled into his room, laid him back down, covered him up and went to give him his binky...and then realized that the binky was no longer in his crib. So I fumbled around in all the usual hiding spots to find it...in front of the crib, under the crib, behind the crib...nope, nope and nope. By this time I was starting to fully awaken. I've gotten so good at dealing with crying babies in the middle of the night that I can usually stumble in, take care of business, and stumble back to bed without ever fully waking up.

But not this time. I could not find that binky anywhere. Finally after what seemed like forever, I found the binky under Aidan's crib. At the time, I just assumed Owen was trying to engage Aidan in a little night time game of binky tennis. I never thought there could be another reason for him chucking that binky across the room.

So after all this binky searching, I was pretty wide awake. I gave Owen an extra kiss, gave him the binky and headed back to my room to try and get back to sleep. Sometime during this excursion I also realized that it was thunderstorming outside, but it wasn't that bad...yet. So I went to lay down, and drifted off back to sleep.

Now normally I am a heavy sleeper. It takes a lot to wake me up, especially when I'm in a deep sleep, as would normally be the case at 2:00 am. But due to Owen's loud freak-out and the ensuing time consuming binky-search, I was sleeping pretty lightly. That is, until around 2:25 am when I woke up and knew the thunderstorm had just gotten bad. Really bad.

I sat up in bed, listening to the rain and wind that seriously sounded like it was about to blow out my bedroom windows. Scott was dead asleep, and I hated to wake him up but I knew I had to. So I woke him up, we listened to the storm for a minute, looked at each other and I said, "This doesn't sound right," and about two seconds later the tornado sirens started to go off.

At this point, I kinda panicked. I mean, I've dealt with a lot of tornado warnings growing up in the midwest, but this one just felt different. It was truly scary outside. Scott ran to get Aidan and I grabbed Owen, and then I tried to get Ashley but couldn't wake her up. I ran down the stairs thinking that Scott might be waiting for me since he wouldn't want to leave Aidan alone in the basement, and I was right. He passed off Aidan to me and ran back up to get Ashley. We spent the next 30 minutes in the basement, not really knowing what happened or where it happened or what would happen.

I was so freaked out and felt very unprepared. Normally I have shoes by the basement door when there's a tornado warning, a flashlight, pillows and blankets, etc., and we've been watching the storm on radar so we have an idea of where it's going, how strong it is, etc...this just came out of nowhere in the middle of the night and we had to scramble not knowing anything except it looked and sounded insanely scary outside.

The next morning we found out that an EF-2 tornado came through Omaha about 15-20 minutes away from where we live. I honestly can't believe that it was that far away, with what we saw and heard going on outside our windows that night. It must have been terrifying for those who lived closer. Thankfully we had no damage to our house, although there were a bunch of tree branches down in our neighborhood.

Technically we would have all been fine if we'd slept through it, but I can't help but think Owen threw his binky across the room for a reason that night to make sure I was awake enough to get everyone up and downstairs safely. Just in case.

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