Sunday, June 22, 2008

I think I can, I think I can!!! (But I don't want to)

This weekend has been busy. Scott has been furiously working on the pergola trying to get it done, so I've been a single parent for most of the time. This morning I was super brave and stuck all the kids in the choo choo wagon and pulled it up to our neighborhood park by myself. I almost had a flippin' heart attack on the way. Hoo boy, hauling 70 pounds of kids plus the weight of the choo choo wagon uphill...good gravy, I thought I was going to pass out. But we made it.

Ashley was very well behaved, which was a nice change from normal. She ran around and went down the slides and tried to make friends with everybody she encountered, even the parents. I only intervened once, when she was doing the "fake-out slide" to a neighborhood dad. You've heard of the fake-out slide, right? It's when you sit at the top of the slide, and go "Whooa-oooh-oh! I fallin'! I fallin'! Whoooa-ooooh-oh!" And then you kind of scoot around, like you might slide down, but then you don't.

Wait, your kid doesn't pretend like they're fake sliding to random strangers? Well, mine does. I could tell the dad had no idea what to do and was thinking to himself, "Kid, just go down the slide already." So I went over and told her to slide down and quit making everyone uncomfortable. Well, I didn't say the last part but I was thinking it.

Meanwhile, the boys were hanging out in the shade with the choo choo wagon. They started to get a little braver and wanted to venture out to the playground area, so I took them over to push in the swings so I could keep them contained while keeping an eye on Ashley. So that lasted for a little while, and then they started to get hot and cranky, so I thought we should leave. Luckily no one gave me too much trouble on the way out, and even luckier, the trip back home was all downhill so I didn't feel like I needed a heart transplant after it was over.

And in fantastic news, the pergola is almost finished!!!! I will post pics tomorrow, hopefully.

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