Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear more storms, please, 'kay?

We had another crazy storm come rolling through today...and this one was a doozy. 90 mph winds!!! Holy crap.

I was at work when it came through, and we were all instructed to go to the interior of the building. I was standing and I could seriously feel the building sway. I am not kidding. It was a very disconcerting feeling.

Scott was home with the kids and said it was insane out here. Our backyard took quite a hit...but I'm proud to say that the pergola is still standing! Yes, my husband built a pergola that can withstand 90 mph winds! He is a superstar carpenter, that's for sure.

The tree in our front yard took a hit...

Hmmm, where did our patio furniture and grill go? Oh, there they are...around the CORNER.

Is it Christmas in June? No, that's just a big ole pile of hail.

Now THIS slide would be a fun ride...

But even though the pergola survived, our little globe lights didn' Oh, and notice the big, blue beautiful sky in the background only a few hours after the storm had passed... That's Nebraska weather for you.

Phew....I am ready for a break from severe weather.

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