Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Husband (today)

1. We had an actual argument last night about the lyrics to the Vanilla Ice classic "Ice, Ice Baby." I swore up and down that it was "Stop. Collaborate and Listen. Ice is back with a brand new edition," while S INSISTED that it was "Ice is back with a brand new invention." I was holding on strong until he admitted that he at one time actually owned Vanilla Ice on cassette tape and had memorized the lyrics. How can you not love a man who will admit to that?

2. The other week we watched a Cubs game and giggled for a 1/2 hour about that one outfielder's name...you know, Kosuke Fukudome. I mean, come on, Fukudome??? Fuk-u-do-me. Ha ha ha!!!!! Yes, we're 12 years old.

3. He didn't get mad at me when I told him I clipped a corner in my parking garage this morning and scraped up the side of my mini-van....for the second time. Instead, he expressed worry that I may need to get my contact lens prescription updated. Except I just had it updated on Saturday. Whoops.

4. He keeps talking about how he is going to make Pizza Witches for the kids for lunch one day. He hasn't done it yet, but it just sounds fun...pizza witches. He's a good stay-at-home-dad.

5. He's going to build us a pergola for our backyard!!! All thanks to George Bush and his stimulus program. Who knew that George would find a way to make me happy someday? Never say never!

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Anonymous said...

You guys are a riot! Love this story!