Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Progress on the Potty

We're on Day 5 of potty training AB.... So far, it's going surprisingly well!! She only had one accident today, and that was during naptime, so I think it doesn't count.

She's only going pee though. There's been no sight of poop for 3 days. Which normally wouldn't bother me, because honestly, we deal with enough poop around here with three kids under the age of three, and if anyone wants to take a day off that is just fine with me. I think I'm pressuring her a bit too much on it, though. Today at work I answered a phone call and heard:

AB: I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Me: You did it?????


Me: You pooped in the potty??

AB: No mommy, just a pee. (see, there I go...killing her spirit already)

So tonight I tried to help her along. I fed her raisins for a half hour, sat her on the potty, gave her a book to get her all nice and relaxed, and then left to give her some privacy. Those are prime poop conditions, right???


She sat in there for awhile while I foolishly though that everything was going well. I should have known better. But "So You Think You Can Dance" was on, and I *really* wanted to see whether the little redhead girl from High School Musical was as good of a dancer as her mother was. But I was brought back to reality when AB popped out of the bathroom, now naked, holding her book which was now soaking wet.

AB: Book all wet, mommy!! Book all wet!!

Apparently she won't poop in the potty, but she will throw her books in it. This doesn't bode well for her future academic career.

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Anonymous said...

I never realized what a huge accomplishment it really is to potty train your child until we potty trained Sophia. I so dont believe in that "potty train" in 24 hours thing.