Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Potty Training and Crib Jumping

What a weekend it's been...

We started trying to potty train AB. This is not the first time we've undertaken such efforts. We tried last month, failed, and promised ourselves that we'd try again in a month's time.

Saturday went well....only one accident. Sunday and Monday were a different story, though. A typical day of potty training AB goes something like this: I take her to the potty, stick her on it, and she says "No thank you." Which although polite, is really quite annoying when it comes down to it. So I'll go with the flow and let her hop off the potty. The next thing I know, she'll come running up to me soaking wet even though she had *just* been on the potty two minutes ago, and will say "Poor [insert whatever character panties she's wearing at that particular moment]." For example, yesterday we heard "Poor Dora," "Poor Mermaid," "Poor Elmo", "Poor Zoe," and since by that time we'd run out of character panties, "Poor Flowers."

She is such a stubborn little thing. At least it's going better than last month where she didn't even care if she was wet. So we're making progress, I guess.

We also took her binky away the other week, and as a way to punish us for it, she has stopped taking naps. *sob* I really, really, really liked that 3 hour afternoon nap. Nighttime has also been a struggle.... Did I happen to mention that she also FINALLY figured out how to turn a doorknob a few weeks ago? I was beginning to worry that she hadn't mastered that skill yet at 2.5 years old. That was a real conundrum to be in....on the one hand I was worried that she was physically unable to turn a door knob and open her door....on the other hand, I was even more worried that if she finally figured it out I'd no longer be able to contain her. Since she can now open her door, she is not staying in her room at night after we put her to bed. Which means I am starting to slowly go insane.

We finally decided to put one of those childproof doorknob covers on her doorknob the other night thinking "Aha!! Now she won't be able to get out!!" We heard her fumbling around with it for about 20 minutes, and then the monitor fell silent. My husband and I nodded knowingly at each other and thought "Ahhhh, she's finally given up and has fallen asleep. We are genius parents!!!" But our sense of self satisfaction quickly disappeared when AB walked into our family room two seconds later holding pieces of the doorknob cover in each hand, saying sadly...."I broke it."

Childproof my butt.

We tried it again last night, and she got out in 15 minutes. Apparently she's going for some kind of Guiness World Record. Since her dad and I are obviously NOT genius parents, we again erroneously assumed that she'd fallen asleep once the fumbling and jiggling noises stopped. That is, until we heard her on the monitor in the twins' room....yes, that's right. She'd busted out of her room, and busted into her brothers' room...the same brothers that had been sleeping peacefully for two hours already. We're sitting clueless downstairs, until we hear her say "I jumping!! I jumping!!" coming from the boys' monitor. As we slowly realize "Well, this isn't good," we book it upstairs to find her jumping in A's crib like it's a trampoline, with A laying next to her giggling like a madman. Granted, she's done that once before, but it was during the middle of the day while the crib was unoccupied. I can't imagine enjoying being woken up like that, but apparently A didn't mind.

At least she didn't jump on his head. I swear, if these kids survive to the age of 3, it will be a miracle.

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