Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life as a Dadmy

Being a working mom married to a stay-at-home-dad is tough. Sure, there are benefits. Like if one of the kids is sick, I don't have to stay home and reschedule meetings or conference calls. And I generally have dinner waiting for me every night. Yeah, sometimes it's wagon wheels with Ragu, but hey, it's done and I didn't have to do it, so three cheers for stay-at-home-dads.

But sometimes it's hard. Like tonight, when AB kept calling me Dadmy. I always knew I wanted to be a Mommy. But I never thought I'd end up as a Dadmy.

I know it shouldn't bother me. After all, she's used to asking Daddy for everything she needs during the's perfectly understandable that she'd get tripped up once I'm home from work.

But after awhile, it hurts my heart a little. "I want apple juice, Dadmy!" "No go to bed, Dadmy!" "Storm comin', Dadmy!" "Cookie, Dadmy?"

I want to be the one who provides for her all day long, the one who colors with her, and makes her lunch, and kisses her boo-boo's, and is there to come running when she needs her Mommy. But instead I'm a Dadmy. I work all day, spend a few hours with her at night and try to soak up as much time with her as I can on the weekends.

But as much as I wish I was able to stay home with her, I know I'm doing a good thing for her by working. Because of my income, we can afford to have one parent at home. And I'm grateful for that, even if that one person can't be me.

And I also know deep in my heart that I'm only a Dadmy because AB has a wonderful Daddy who loves, protects and cares for her each and every day of her life. And if being a Dadmy means that AB knows she has both a Daddy and Mommy who are there for her no matter what, then I guess being a Dadmy isn't so bad after all.

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